Workshops & Teacher Training



The core components of a therapeutic practice distilled into a series of online workshops and practices you can complete at your own pace. Finish with an arsenal of information to instantly incorporate into your practice and teaching.

Four x 3hr workshops combine theory, practice, and a handout to bring the following information to life:

  • Shoulder structure and function, key shoulder muscles in a yoga context, the repetitive injury model, the challenge of shoulder stability, and yoga implications in plank pose, chaturanga dandasana and downward facing dog. 75min online lecture and review plus 75min all-levels vinyasa practice.

  • Hip structure and function, key hip muscles in a yoga context, the role of deep and superficial muscles, "normal" range of motion and yoga implications including guided range of motion assessment. 75min online lecture and review plus 75min all-levels vinyasa practice.

  • Spine structure and function including the intervertebral discs and disc loading, key torso muscles in a yoga context ("the pillars of the spine"), the impact of posture and yoga implications including transitions to and from standing. 75min online lecture and review plus 75min all-levels vinyasa practice.

  • Myofascial Release principles and key practices in a yoga context. 30min online lecture and review plus 90min all-levels full-body myofascial release practice.

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Open to students and teachers alike from Monday 1st June to Tuesday 30th June 2020, including two live-streamed Zoom review and Q&A sessions. 


On completion of course content and an online quiz, teachers qualify for 12hrs of Continued Education with Yoga Alliance and toward the Yoga Medicine 500hr program.

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Full series $200NZD

Single workshop $50NZD