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Mobility & Range-of-Motion...

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Hidden Health Benefits of Stretching
Yoga Journal   July-2022

Mobility 03 hips c AROM.jpeg

Three Ways to Increase

Your Mobility in Yoga

Yoga International   July-2020

YI Gomukhasana.jpg

4 More Common Poses That Require

Greater-Than-Average Mobility 

Yoga International   Jan-2020


Why Flexible People Can Still

Benefit from Yin Yoga 

Yoga International   Sep-2019


Self Myofascial Release Practices

for Better Backbends

Yoga International   Jul-2019

01 Side Bend.jpg

4 Practices for Thoracic Mobility

Yoga International    Jan-2019

MFR Hamstrings.jpg

7 Strategies for Healthy Hamstrings

Yoga International   Jun-2018

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Yoga for Flexibility

5-week Challenge

Yoga Journal   Aug-2017

Jenny Clark 03 colour.JPG

Why I Don’t “Stretch” Anymore

Yoga Journal   Jul-2017

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