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I've written dozens of articles for yoga and wellness publications -- including Yoga Journal, Yoga DigestYoga International and WW.
Recent articles:

Floor Navasana 03.jpeg

Common Misconceptions about Core Strength
Outside Online & Yoga Journal  Aug-2022

Julian Apse Rachel 02_edited.png

How Long Should I Hold a Yoga Pose?
Yoga Journal  Aug-2022

Skippers utthita_edited.jpg

Hidden Health Benefits of Stretching
Yoga Journal  Jul-2022

Bird dog_edited.jpg

How Legs can Help Prevent Back Pain
Yoga Journal  Apr-2022

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 9.19_edited.jpg

When Yoga Doesn't "Work"
Yoga Journal  Feb-2022

Other articles from my archives, grouped into my most common topics:

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