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Three Ways to Increase

Your Mobility in Yoga

Yoga International   July-2020

There's little consensus on how to stretch: some stress the benefits of passive stretches, while others prioritise the range of motion we create actively with muscle engagement. I say why not benefit from both... Read more here.

Six Bird Dog Variations

for Full-Body Balance

Yoga International   July-2020

Play with the humble kneeling balance pose Bird Dog with six variations that target the whole body... Read more here.

Breaking Boundaries to Teach Online

Yoga Digest   June-2020

Not that long ago, we connected with our students in person and online yoga was something that other people did. Not any more..... Read more here.

A Sequence to Boost Lymph Flow

Yoga International   June-2020

A short and incredibly simple practice to support your lymphatic system - your body's first line of defence against disease.... Read more here.

Five Bridge Variations for Hip Strength and Stability

Yoga International   May-2020

Read more.

How to Build a Home Yoga Practice from Scratch

Yoga International   May-2020

Read more.

Better Breathing: An At-home

Restorative Sequence 

Yoga International   Apr-2020

Read more.

4 More Common Poses That Require

Greater-Than-Average Mobility 

Yoga International   Jan-2020

Read more.

Read more.

Read more.

4 Reasons to Prioritize Teaching

Older Beginners 

Yoga International   Sep-2019

Read more.

Why Flexible People Can Still

Benefit from Yin Yoga 

Yoga International   Sep-2019

Read more.

Read more.

Five Themes to Consider When

Teaching Older Beginners

Yoga International   Jul-2019

Read more.

Self Myofascial Release Practices

for Better Backbends

Yoga International   Jul-2019

Read more.


Arm Balance Recovery: A Feel-Good

Sequence for Your Upper Body

Yoga International   Apr-2019

Read more.

Yin prayer 03.jpg

Avoiding Avidya: 10 Yoga

Myths Busted

Yoga Digest   Mar-2019

Read more.

02 Reverse Prayer.jpg

Common Postural Patterns that

can cause Yoga Injuries

Yoga Journal   Feb-2019

Read more.

Aro Ha 18 Silhouette Chaturanga.jpg

Vary Your Vinyasa: 4 Alternatives

to Chaturanga

Yoga International   Feb-2019

Read more.

01 Side Bend.jpg

4 Practices for Thoracic Mobility

Yoga International    Jan-2019

Read more.

Bolster 04 Bird Dog.jpg

4 Surprising Ways to Use a

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Journal   Jan-2019

Read more.


Standing Pose Recovery: A Feel-good

Sequence for Sore Legs

Yoga International   Jan-2019

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Remarks balance 03.jpg

Up the Ante in 3 Familiar

Balance Poses

Yoga International   Dec-2018

Read more.

Mt Dewar 01 Tree.jpg

3 Innovative Ways to Improve

Your Balance with Yoga

Yoga International   Aug-2018

Read more.

MFR Hamstrings.jpg

7 Strategies for Healthy Hamstrings

Yoga International   Jun-2018


Read more.

Cardrona Half Moon 01.jpg

Unexpected Ways Yoga

Prevents Injury

Yoga Digest   May-2018

Read more.

Blocks 07.jpg

Ten Ways to Use Blocks to

Advance Your Yoga Practice

Yoga Journal   Apr-2018

Read more.


Four Reasons to Replace Upward

Facing Dog with Locust

Yoga International   Apr-2018

Read more.

07 Locust.jpg

Ten "Simple" Yoga Poses to

Practice at Any Age

Yoga Journal   Mar-2018

Read more.


Three Reasons to Practice

Side Plank instead of Plank

Yoga International   Mar-2018

Read more.

YD Warrior 2.jpg

Three Ancient Practices to

Motivate You Today

Yoga Digest   Jan-2018

Read more.

YD Straps 08 Butterfly.jpg

10 Ways Straps can

Deepen Your Practice

Yoga Digest   Sep-2017

Read more.

3 02 Dynamic chest.jpg

Yoga for Flexibility

5-week Challenge

Yoga Journal   Aug-2017

Read more.

Jenny Clark 03 colour.JPG

Why I Don’t “Stretch” Anymore

Yoga Journal   Jul-2017

Read more.

01 Holding.jpg

The Anatomy of Fascia

Yoga Journal   May-2017

Read more.

Spring Clean Your Body & Mind

Yoga Digest   Apr-2017


Read more.

Nadi 04 Wild thing.jpg

Beginner Yoga for a

Strong & Stable Core

DIY Active   Dec-2016

Read more.

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