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Propping & Sequencing...

Savasana 02 portrait.jpeg

Savasana Myths Busted

Yoga Digest   Feb-2022


A Sequence to Boost Lymph Flow
Yoga International   June-2020

Savasana 03.jpg

How to Build a Home Yoga Practice from Scratch

Yoga International   May-2020


Better Breathing: An At-home

Restorative Sequence 

Yoga International   Apr-2020


Self Myofascial Release Practices

for Better Backbends

Yoga International   Jul-2019


Arm Balance Recovery: A Feel-Good

Sequence for Your Upper Body

Yoga International   Apr-2019

Bolster 04 Bird Dog.jpg

4 Surprising Ways to Use a

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Journal   Jan-2019


Standing Pose Recovery: A Feel-good

Sequence for Sore Legs

Yoga International   Jan-2019

YD Straps 08 Butterfly.jpg

10 Ways Straps can

Deepen Your Practice

Yoga Digest   Sep-2017

Beginner Yoga for a

Strong & Stable Core

DIY Active   Dec-2016

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