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Strength & Stability...

Floor Navasana 03.jpeg

Common Misconceptions about Core Strength
Outside Online & Yoga Journal  Aug-2022

Bird dog_edited.jpg

The Secret to Prevent Low Back Pain
Yoga Journal  April-2022


Six Bird Dog Variations

for Full-Body Balance

Yoga International   July-2020


Five Bridge Variations for Hip Strength and Stability

Yoga International   May-2020

Aro Ha 18 Silhouette Chaturanga.jpg

Vary Your Vinyasa: 4 Alternatives

to Chaturanga

Yoga International   Feb-2019

Bolster 04 Bird Dog.jpg

4 Surprising Ways to Use a

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Journal   Jan-2019

Remarks balance 03.jpg

Up the Ante in 3 Familiar

Balance Poses

Yoga International   Dec-2018

Mt Dewar 01 Tree.jpg

3 Innovative Ways to Improve

Your Balance with Yoga

Yoga International   Aug-2018

Cardrona Half Moon 01.jpg

Unexpected Ways Yoga

Prevents Injury

Yoga Digest   May-2018


Four Reasons to Replace Upward

Facing Dog with Locust

Yoga International   Apr-2018

07 Locust.jpg

Ten "Simple" Yoga Poses to

Practice at Any Age

Yoga Journal   Mar-2018


Three Reasons to Practice

Side Plank instead of Plank

Yoga International   Mar-2018

Beginner Yoga for a

Strong & Stable Core

DIY Active   Dec-2016

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