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Sustainable Long-term Practice...

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7 Ways Yoga can help with Healthy Aging

Yogi Approved   Mar-2021

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How to Build a Home Yoga Practice from Scratch

Yoga International   May-2020

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4 More Common Poses That Require

Greater-Than-Average Mobility 

Yoga International   Jan-2020

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4 Reasons to Prioritize Teaching

Older Beginners 

Yoga International   Sep-2019

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Five Themes to Consider When

Teaching Older Beginners

Yoga International   Jul-2019

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Avoiding Avidya: 10 Yoga

Myths Busted

Yoga Digest   Mar-2019

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Vary Your Vinyasa: 4 Alternatives

to Chaturanga

Yoga International   Feb-2019

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3 Innovative Ways to Improve

Your Balance with Yoga

Yoga International   Aug-2018

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Unexpected Ways Yoga

Prevents Injury

Yoga Digest   May-2018


Four Reasons to Replace Upward

Facing Dog with Locust

Yoga International   Apr-2018

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Ten "Simple" Yoga Poses to

Practice at Any Age

Yoga Journal   Mar-2018


Three Reasons to Practice

Side Plank instead of Plank

Yoga International   Mar-2018

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Why I Don’t “Stretch” Anymore

Yoga Journal   Jul-2017

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