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Y O G A   A N A T O M Y

Help your major joints function optimally - both in yoga practice and in life. Through a mixture of theory and practice, explore the structure and function of your spine, hips, or shoulders and identify common postural patterns that will influence your yoga practice. Then explore the unique anatomy of your spine, hips & shoulders.



  • How to create muscular stability for the naturally mobile shoulders joints

  • What a neutral pelvis looks and feels like, and how to recreate that feeling in yoga backbends and forward folds

  • How to create and support your Tadasana spine through common yoga poses and transitions  

  • Why some yoga poses feel effortless and others impossible

Expect an overview of joint anatomy, range of motion assessment with a partner, and yoga practice to help you put it all together.

Half day (4.5 hour) workshop, open to anyone with yoga experience.

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