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Workshops & Teacher Training


An intelligent and therapeutic yoga practice requires a keen understanding of the body, based on a strong foundation in anatomy. This 20hr Anatomy for Yoga intensive gives you an in-depth look at the major joints and muscles of the body, their functions and most importantly how they relate to a yoga practice. It is designed to create a solid foundation in anatomy for yoga teachers, especially those interested in therapeutics, to facilitate a more skillful approach to both practice and teaching.

Section 1 focuses on the Upper Extremity - Shoulders, Chest and Arms. Section 2 highlights the Lower Extremity - Legs and Hips. Section 3 hones in on the spine and torso. Each section includes asana practice to help you feel connected to the area of focus, a theory lecture and review sessions to help bring the information to life, and a brief myofascial release practice to allow you to experience the area of focus in a new way. 

Open to new & experienced teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of anatomy or continue onto a 500hr training, as well as dedicated students interested in anatomy. On completion of the in-person hours and an online quiz, teachers qualify for 20hrs of Continued Education with Yoga Alliance and toward the Yoga Medicine 500hr program.

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