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Individual Variation in Mobility and How it Impacts Yoga Practice

Many of us practice yoga asana in order to find or maintain free and healthy range of motion, but we are all unique in our bony shapes and proportions and our soft tissue consistency. Poses simply don’t look or feel the same for each of us. So how do we determine what stops us progressing deeper into a pose? How do we know when we reach our full range of motion?


In this two-day course you will explore:

  • What Range of Motion (ROM) is

  • The difference between Normal ROM, Passive and Active ROM

  • Your unique Range of Motion in key joints relevant to yoga practice

  • The two factors that limit your mobility, and how to modify poses to accomodate them

  • Common yoga poses that require above-average flexibility

  • Five ways to maximise your mobility

  • How to respect and allow for varied mobility in your own practice or the classes you teach


Each day starts with an asana practice to help you explore your passive and active range of motion, moves into lecture and practical application, and finishes with yin yoga and myofascial release. 


Open to all students eager to explore their yoga practice, as well as teachers who want to respect individual variation and support healthy mobility in their classes. Worth 12 hours of continuing education for yoga teachers through Yoga Alliance.  

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