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Grow your practice, or your teaching, with my most popular workshops and trainings...

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Release + Restore

When stretching isn't enough, myofascial release work is incredibly effective at dissolving stubborn soft tissue tension. Learn simple myofascial release techniques you can do at home. More info.


Myofascial Release for Yoga Teachers

Myofascial release is a powerful, yet accessible, tool that perfectly complements the other yoga practices in our teaching toolkit. Learn about fascia and how it functions and common areas of dysfunction plus principles, tools and techniques for myofascial release. Practice teaching myofascial release and explore themes and sequencing approaches. Worth 12-15 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance. More info.

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Yoga Medicine®

Essentials Workshops

The core components of a therapeutic practice distilled into a series of workshops that outline the structure and function of the major joints as well as the network of connective tissue, or fascia, that supports and coordinates them. Teachers completing the workshop series qualify for 12 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance. More info.

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Yoga Medicine®

20-Hour Anatomy Intensive

An in-depth 3-day intensive look at the major joints and muscles of the body, their functions and most importantly how they relate to a yoga practice, designed to create a solid foundation in anatomy for new or experienced yoga teachers. Teachers completing the training qualify for 20 hours of Continuing Education  with Yoga Alliance. More info.

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Yoga Medicine®

24-Hour Immersion for Hips, Spine or Shoulders

This advanced 4-day teacher training provides a thorough examination of the anatomy, structure and function of a major joint, and key yoga applications to address common challenges in this area. Teachers completing the training qualify for 24 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance. More info.

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Yoga Medicine®

200-Hour Teacher Training

The ultimate foundation from which to deepen your own practice or learn to guide other people through theirs. The focus of our training is to provide students with a sound knowledge of anatomy, alignment and adjustments. If you're considering teacher training, please get in touch, or learn more here.

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