Rachel Land Yoga | Queenstown NZ


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Group Classes:

"Rachel is an amazing teacher, she is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, caring and all with a great sense of humor, she never fails to make her class laugh. I highly recommend attending any of Rachel’s classes and workshops. No matter if you are a complete beginner or experienced yogi, Rachel will always make you feel welcome and relaxed. Starting as a complete beginner myself I have always felt welcome in her classes from day one. I have learnt so much from Rachel, her passion is infectious and I can’t thank her enough for the support through my yoga practice." Vicky.



"Great full day of workshops with Rachel. One of the best courses I been to. Rachel is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining all aspects of Yoga in an easy-to-understand terms. Great experience for beginners and experienced Yogis alike. Highly recommended." Hadar.


Teacher Training:

"She was my group leader and all I can say is that she is an inspiring teacher. Her knowledge makes her a resource for her students. Her humanity makes her a teacher you can trust and open to. Her humbleness makes her a very approachable teacher who is "at service" for her students... and most important of all... her sense of humor is just awesome. Love you Rachel!" Manuel. 


"If you are ever fortunate enough to find yourself anywhere near a Rachel yoga class, GO. I was indeed lucky to be at a recent retreat in Tonga with Rachel teaching 2 classes a day! My practice spans over 15 years and I exaggerate not when I say I have never experienced better energy, clearer instruction, and freedom to grow and flourish as a yogi. I wish so much that I could take classes with Rachel every day. She teaches you to love your body, listen to what you genuinely need in the moment, and find what is useful for you."  Laura.

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